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Understanding The Gutter Installation Process

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Shopping for new gutters isn’t something most people get excited about.  When you haven’t done something before, it can be intimidating.  At Gutter Systems of Michigan (GSM), we work hard to take the worry out of selecting gutters, and selecting the right gutter company to perform work at your home. Check out our process and what you can expect when working with GSM to install new gutters on your home.

Step 1:

Our representatives arrive at the scheduled time, in a clearly marked company vehicle.  They take the time to meet with the homeowner, so they can be sure to have the most accurate information about the home, and a complete overview of any problems or issues that may be occurring both inside and out.

We take the time to meet with homeowners for several reasons. The most important of which is to listen.  We know that your home is important to you, and GSM prides itself on providing an excellent customer experience.

After reviewing the surroundings, taking into consideration trees and other aspects of the property that could influence the home’s water management system, they examine the elements of your existing gutters, making special note of specific locations and condition of components like downspouts, elbows, and end caps.

Step 2:

Design is the next important step and it is one that we explain in detail.  No two houses are exactly alike and there is no single solution for every home. The relocation or change in a single element in your gutter system can have substantial impact on its’ effectiveness.

Step 3:

Once the design has been finalized and all external factors have been considered, it’s time to select the componentsDripFree™ seamless aluminum gutters have a wide variety of colors and two custom sizes to best fit each home and every application. Specialty gutter materials including Copper and Galvalume can also be selected to enhance both look and style. The ProLoc™ line of gutter protection not only keeps them flowing correctly, but also adds to the strength and stability of any gutter system. Lastly, YardGuard™ downspout extensions help assure a dry and trouble-free foundation by moving all that water away.

Then a complete diagram and itemized job profile is presented for the homeowner’s consideration. With the contract signed, installation is scheduled and the process gets underway.

The GSM crew consists of a Foreman and a crew of from 3 to 4 installers. The Foreman is a homeowner’s exclusive point of contact, and takes the time to review each aspect of the install completely and is available to answer any questions. Interested in joining our team? Apply now!

Step 4:

Equipment is put into position and special steps are taken to protect landscaping and any other items surrounding the work areas. When removal of previous gutters is required, installers will examine all remaining surfaces to confirm structural integrity in order to keep the install running smoothly. Measurements are taken to confirm the diagrammed system and using truck mounted equipment, your custom seamless gutters are manufactured right on-site.

Installation of the YardGuard™ downspout extension systems require additional attention with the trenching for the commercial grade Schedule 40 insulated pipe. Once these are tied into the downspouts and tested, cleanup begins and the Foreman conducts the post install review with the homeowner. New elements are reviewed and any items needing occasional maintenance, such as the YardGuard™ clean-outs are explained.

Step 5:

Finally, any documentation, such as any warranty paperwork or receipts are provided by our Customer Experience Advocate, along with a job survey to be completed by the homeowner.  We listen to our customers and use all feedback as a guide for continuous improvement.

Your home protects you from the elements. You can protect your home with a comprehensive water management system that includes DripFree™ seamless Aluminum gutters, ProLoc™ gutter protection and YardGuard™ downspout extensions.

Call the gutter experts at Gutter Systems of Michigan for a free estimate.

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